The Emerging Leaders and Markets (ELM) Conference is the New York Real Estate Chamber’s signature event, bringing together leaders from Government, Business, Community Development, and Finance to enlighten attendees with regard to current opportunities and innovations in a series of topical panels. The conference will convene at New York City’s Google Headquarters, The morning of Thursday, January 10th, 2019 from 8 am to 12 pm. The New York Real Estate Chamber (NYREC) expects ELM to attract 200 commercial and housing real estate professionals, along with political and community leaders throughout the Tri-State Area.

ELM conference will feature some of the real estate market’s most successful and innovative deal makers and leaders of minority-owned firms. Municipal leaders will also be in attendance to drive the discourse, develop ideas, and relationships around sustainable development in urban communities. The ELM Conference is a uniquely powerful opportunity to connect with dynamic developers, government officials, financiers and other real estate professionals engaged in remaking the urban landscape.

The goal of the ELM conference is to foster the conversation and partnership between Capital Markets, Community, Government, And Commercial Real Estate Leaders to generate sustainable economic development in urban communities.

Keynote Speaker

James Reynolds Jr.

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